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I’m a big fan of Jon Taffer and Bar Rescue.

I’m a big fan of Jon Taffer and Bar Rescue.

The other day I noticed he has introduced a Mobile App for automating the running of a bar, I would think that this software, coming from Jon Taffer, would have to be great and a real boost to running a bar.

But it got me to thinking, the websites I build and maintain (maybe your website?) either has or can be extended with some real handy tools and automation systems. I’ve been installing Sugar CRM and the Revive Ad Server and tying those into my own websites.

As a Namespace Rescue℠ client you may request I add these two (Sugar CRM and Revive Ad Server) programs/web APPs as part of your service package on a ‘time available’ basis. Of course there’s plenty of other features, tools, integrations and web APPs you might want also. Feel free to call me anytime to discuss your ideas.

Received this email the other day,

Hello Webmaster,

Google has recently issued us a violation notice because of backlinks found on your website.  We believe that these backlinks have harmed our SEO by conflicting with the guidelines established by Google Webmaster, Google Penguin and Google Panda.  We kindly ask you to quickly remove all of the backlinks to our company and its website ( from your site.  The backlinks can be found at:

(one of my websites)

This is an urgent matter which currently affects our profit, so we would appreciate immediate attention in rectifying this matter.

Thank you; we appreciate your cooperation.


What had happened was this company (or their agent), in a bid to gain more exposure and backlinks, hired a company who then posted off-topic on one of my websites and probably many others. The client company then found out all those posts in non-relevant forums and websites may be costing them a better ranking on Google.

I informed them that in order to post on my site they (or their employee or else agent) would have created an account there and I must insist they login and edit or else remove their own post(s).

The truth is there’s little you can do about backlinks but hope the ones you have further your promotional efforts. The best way to control this is to never hire anyone to ‘promote your website’ who touts some magical ability to bring you huge increases in web traffic.

Do a good job on your site and its content – the traffic will find their way there!

Need some help with your website???

I see myself as a ‘Trouble Shooter’ first, an ‘engineer’ second and a ‘web developer’ as a close third. I’m not a web designer. I’m no artist either.

But if there’s troubles – I’m happy, if you need a tweak for a feature – I’m there, if you need a website built/rebuilt – I’m game (but you better bring an artist or designer).

That’s why I like my ‘Namespace Rescue℠’ service offering. It’s very ‘ME’! It delivers what you need….. as you need it…… And more!! Much more!!!!!

For just $88.00 per six months you get about a hour of behind the scenes website help. Every month! I have automated systems and tools to help me and the talent to handle most website problems. Else, I know what to do and who to call.

And I work to keep problems from occurring in the first place by monitoring the website and backing up the site and data. I watch for DNS problems and domain registration issues. Updates occur as needed. You and your visitors will experience faster response and a more enjoyable, useful website!

Best of all, I work with your web presence team.

Give me a Holler!



Intimidated by the Plethora of Web Jargon??

You might be thinking your competition is leaving you by the wayside with their online presence. You might just be wanting a simple, easy to maintain website. Or maybe you already have one and are disappointed at the results.

But, when you start looking around at your online options, you find a huge list of Buzzwords….. Web Hosting, Hosting Providers, Domain Names, Web Sites, and Social Media. Your wondering what is all this?

You dig a little deeper and about the time you think you understand you find more Buzzwords…. Web Content, SEO, Blogs, CMS, Web Safety-Security, CRMs, Web Bulletin Boards (Forums), Online Stores, Calendars, Log analysis, Demographics. The list just goes on and on.

And, when you start looking for help, you find companies who want way too much and seem to deliver way too little. Or you make a DIY effort that seems to fall flat. Or you buy something that winds up being unnecessary like a Online StoreFront that never generates a sale or you try a Facebook Profile only to realize it’s a bunch of Relatives and ‘Friends’ who seek you out then fill you Timeline with trash, family info, pictures that might be a little too personal, slogans you don’t even like, dirty jokes/stories and game requests.

Plus one guy tells you that you did things wrong there and a business associate or customer can’t see your profile because you’ve reached the 5000 friend limit.

That’s where a guy like me comes in and tames that beastly ‘glossary of jargon’ for you. Guys like me will fix your website. Get your Facebook (and other Social Media) efforts in order. Then we guide you through the process of making your site seamless for your customers and easy to update in house.

If we do a good job you’ll want us around… but if we’re doing a good job you won’t need us very much after a time. That’s because we’ll train you and your staff and automate a lot of the day to day functions within your website.

So, you’re wondering, “How much will this cost?”. $50.00 dollars a month if you hire me. For your $50.00 a month you’ll get regular backups. Up to Four (4) hours of web master service (updates, testing, Analysis, adjustments, and changes!).

I have two computers here that do nothing but check websites and gather new files/pages together. These two machines alert us to many troubles (missing files, dead web hosts, downtime, etc.) and changes (updated files, spams, hack attempts, etc.).

I also periodically do a manual check of the site and your domain name including the records (DNS records) that keep your domain registered and your website compliant with Internet standards. This keeps your site running. At the same time I’ll install software to automatically backup your web site and help me (and you) keep an eye on visitor demographics.

Each month we’ll communicate with you (phone, email) and look at site reach, update needs and changes. Your site will reach into Social Media and I will guide you (or your staff) with Social Communications to improve your standings.

At the same time I will also look for possibilities to promote your site, improve income, and add features.

As you can see, your $50.00 each month buys you a lot of service and peace of mind. Of course you’ll be paying for a domain name and web hosting (there’s that jargon again). But we’ll makes sure you’re getting your moneys worth there or have you move to our Paradigm Domains service (at wholesale while you remain my service client).

Interested? Want to talk or pick my brain? Give me a call: (540)-440-1850