Our Namespace Rescue Service

Need some help with your WordPress based web site? Are you interested in hiring a developer to take care of the technical side of running your website?

I offer a webmaster/developer package that may suite your needs. Starts at $88.00 for 6 mo.

With a New account we will:

  • Perform an initial check of Domain Name and DNS records.
  • Run starter Security Checks.
  • Run a Theme Check.
  • Gather insights about your website.
  • Perform a good complete backup.
  • Place your website into our automated “Day Check” system.

With an Established account we will:

  • Perform updates as needed!
  • Monitor your web site once every day to insure up time.
  • check backups.
  • Attend to any issues within the scope of maintenance services.
  • We will steer you toward plugins and services that may help you.

As your site matures:

  • We will be able to assist with recovery of data and images.
  • We will always be here to assist with troubleshooting any issues.
  • We will continue to assist you with plugin updates and additions.
  • Should you change themes, we will be ‘at the ready’ if there’s an issue.
  • Some changes are simple. We will gladly perform initial install and changes to themes and plugins as time permit. We don’t build websites but we will assist you as you build.

Exceptions and Additions:

  • You get a total of one hour of service as needed every month (up to a  $35.00 value each month).
  • You get a total of 6 hours of service as needed within the standard six month contract period. (other contract periods are prorated).
  • We won’t stop work should your requirements go slightly over the monthly hour. Service is our priority.
  • Should your needs go over the allotted time we will work with you to find a more economical outside solution, a division of work or doing the work per our hourly rate (currently $35.00 – $75.00 an hour).
  • We try to perform our work unobtrusively and as needed in a timely manner. You will be provided a phone number, an emergency number and contact info in case you ever need to contact us in a hurry.

Staging issues:

We maintain a staging server and will be happy to let you use an account there if you need to stage changes offline. It’s not a production server but should server the purpose.

Suggested Plugins and Services:

  • WP-Optimize
  • UpDraft Plus
  • JetPack
  • WP Super Cache
  • CloudFlare
  • Google Analytics