Received this email the other day,

Hello Webmaster,

Google has recently issued us a violation notice because of backlinks found on your website.  We believe that these backlinks have harmed our SEO by conflicting with the guidelines established by Google Webmaster, Google Penguin and Google Panda.  We kindly ask you to quickly remove all of the backlinks to our company and its website ( from your site.  The backlinks can be found at:

(one of my websites)

This is an urgent matter which currently affects our profit, so we would appreciate immediate attention in rectifying this matter.

Thank you; we appreciate your cooperation.


What had happened was this company (or their agent), in a bid to gain more exposure and backlinks, hired a company who then posted off-topic on one of my websites and probably many others. The client company then found out all those posts in non-relevant forums and websites may be costing them a better ranking on Google.

I informed them that in order to post on my site they (or their employee or else agent) would have created an account there and I must insist they login and edit or else remove their own post(s).

The truth is there’s little you can do about backlinks but hope the ones you have further your promotional efforts. The best way to control this is to never hire anyone to ‘promote your website’ who touts some magical ability to bring you huge increases in web traffic.

Do a good job on your site and its content – the traffic will find their way there!