Need some help with your website???

I see myself as a ‘Trouble Shooter’ first, an ‘engineer’ second and a ‘web developer’ as a close third. I’m not a web designer. I’m no artist either.

But if there’s troubles – I’m happy, if you need a tweak for a feature – I’m there, if you need a website built/rebuilt – I’m game (but you better bring an artist or designer).

That’s why I like my ‘Namespace Rescue℠’ service offering. It’s very ‘ME’! It delivers what you need….. as you need it…… And more!! Much more!!!!!

For just $88.00 per six months you get about a hour of behind the scenes website help. Every month! I have automated systems and tools to help me and the talent to handle most website problems. Else, I know what to do and who to call.

And I work to keep problems from occurring in the first place by monitoring the website and backing up the site and data. I watch for DNS problems and domain registration issues. Updates occur as needed. You and your visitors will experience faster response and a more enjoyable, useful website!

Best of all, I work with your web presence team.

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