Namespace Rescue℠

As a Web Developer I can offer you a very unique service.  I’ll be glad to step in as your webmaster and assist you and your team to reach whatever goals you might have for your website. The price? $88.00 every 6 mo.

I usually spend a hour or two the first month making any immediately needed upgrades/changes and performing an initial complete site backup. I’ll also be looking at mapping out needed technical improvements and increasing your social media reach.

In month two and three I’ll be working with you to add images and content while maintaining the site. This portion of the service might also involve helping to familiarize your staff with using the website’s built in services and functions to add information.

After the third or fourth month I hope we will have settled down into a maintenance mode where we continue to monitor your website, perform routine maintenance, backups, and your staff can add information and pictures. I’ll be there every step of the way.

What I check:

DNS services and domain registration (once a month)

Daily check of website availability (usually the main page)

Weekly check and in depth browse

Daily backups and weekly total site backup with storage of backups

New article/content checks on discovery. I also will monitor any Inbound RSS Feeds you might incorporate into your website

Updates of templates and system modules (plugins, widgets, etc) as needed.

Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank, and updates consistent with approved SEO methods

What I provide:

Integration of social media and their widgets within your pages.

Integration of spam and security modules

Integration of the Jetpack module on WordPress based websites

Integration of the Akismet module on WordPress based websites

Assistance with adding content as needed.

You may prefer to keep your present webmaster for day to day operations and use me as a second team member to work with them in keeping your site presentable and up to date. That is fine with me!

This service is renewable every six months.

Please Note: After a time you might reach a point where you no longer need us except in emergencies. That’s fine with me but you will want to consider if the price of all services rendered might be less than the cost in downtime and emergency remediation of any problems.

Contact Info:

Jeff Hawkins