Multi-Pligg 1.2.2 Enhanced with WordPress References and Reading List



Here’s a link to which is a working site that is running a version of Multi-Pligg!!! Feel free to register as a user. After you verify your email, the sub-sites should recognize your login from the main page (or any Pligg page  within the site). No, this won’t work from the WordPress Blog!

No, this is not a full demo as it is a working site.  I sure can’t let you into the admin side but let me assure you the admin feature works just like Pligg 1.2.2’s standard admin panel. Nothing real different except I added a ‘story type’ to the drop down for ‘moderated stories’ to make it easier to work with those stories when maintaining the site if you have story moderation installed and turned on!

You can read about the change to add the ‘Story Moderation’ Option to Admin Here:

don’t let any of this scare you………..