Multi-Pligg 1.2.2 Enhanced with WP – Part 3

From an idea I had to make Pligg and Multisite WP work together as several websites under one (or more) domain(s).

Demo Link article with some additional Information:

Multi-Pligg 1.2.2 Enhanced with WP – Link to Working Demo


don’t let any of this scare you………..


“WordPress must be installed in the root directory due to the requirements of the multisite domain mapping plugin I will use here.”


Besides the usual assortment of common hand tools and a good source of fresh brewed coffee you’ll probably want the following.

A Pad of paper


A good FTP program

Maybe a WYSIWYG HTML Editor

I’m sure there will be more as we go

Let’s move back to WordPress now:

You should have WordPress already installed in the root directory and one copy of Pligg 1.2.2 installed in a sub-directory.

You should have created a WordPress Blog over on and you’ll have written down your links, usernames and passwords for all these and you’ll have a Akismet key (and of course you wrote that down).

You’ll need to decide on running your WordPress as sub-domains or sub-directories. Since Multi-Pligg only runs under Sub-Directories, I recommend this unless you really need Sub-Domains.

Reread this WordPress Codex  entry about Multi-Site Networks. FTP into your site. You’ll need your server’s FTP address username and password. Find your way to the WordPress install and configure up the multi-site as per these Codex instructions:

Open up wp-config.php and add this line above where it says

/* That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */

If it doesn’t say that anywhere, then add the line somewhere above the first line that begins with require or include:

 /* Multisite */

define( ‘WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE’, true );

When you return to your WordPress installation and refresh your browser you should find a Network Setup item in your Tools menu. Follow along in the Codex to build your WordPress Network.

When you return to your WordPress installation and refresh your browser again you should find a new menu item ‘My Site’ and be in or able to login to your Network Dashboard. From this Dashboard you should be able to add new WordPress websites as needed.

You’ll want these Plugins for your Network:

Advanced Permalinks



Better WP Security

Jetpack by

RSS Importer

RSS Multi Importer

UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore

W3 Total Cache

WordPress MU Domain Mapping





Website Monetization by MageNet

Install these plugins but don’t Network activate yet, you can also install any themes you want but keep in mind any themes you make available will be useable by any site within your network.  Commercial Themes might be a problem here. You’ll need to check with the provider before installing.

You might also create child themes to tweak themes for your network ie; footers you might require for certain users, etc.

Next time I’ll probably talk about Domain Mapping and a few other WordPress subjects. Then in the next article I’ll jump into Multi-Pligg again. The final article(s) will bring all of this together.


You’re Prayers, kind thoughts, and well wishes help immensely. If you’d like to help further, I’ll use your donated funds to purchase a domain, pay for hosting and if I see enough monetary support  I’ll hire a developer to assist with adding further enhancements and integration of other web APPs or commercially available programs. I have some great ideas.


A Great Offer:

I’ll make one further offer here. If you’ll purchase a Domain Name (or a transfer of one) and WordPress Hosting from my Paradigm Domains operation and will provide me with the login credentials to that site/account, your akismet key and your login account credentials at I will be glad to fully install what I’ve done here at that time for $75.00 on your Paradigm Hosting.

That price may increase and requirements may change as we go along depending on if we add commercial apps and any future enhancements we might make. You can do all this yourself but the work may be out of your comfort zone so I offer this as a further incentive to purchase my hosting and domain registration services and to compensate me or my helpers/developers/programmers for our time.

To  be continued……….. Here