Multi-Pligg 1.2.2 Enhanced with WP – Link to Working Demo

From an idea I had to make Pligg and Multisite WP work together as several websites under one (or more) domain(s).

As promised here’s a link to which is a working site that is running a version of Multi-Pligg!!! Feel free to register as a user. after you verify your email, the subsites should recognize your login from the main page (or any Pligg page  within the site). No, this won’t work from the WordPress Blog!

No, it’s not a full demo as it is a working site.  I sure can’t let you into the admin side but let me assure you the admin feature works just like Pligg 1.2.2’s standard admin panel. Nothing real different except I added a ‘story type’ to the drop down for ‘moderated stories’ to make it easier to work with those stories when maintaining the site if you have story moderation installed and turned on!

Since each underlying Pligg will need to be administrated and moderated from it’s own admin Panel (for now anyway) I’ve added one more admin feature  called ‘Touch List’. Touch List isn’t actually a supported feature (not yet but I’ll set it for the sites I install). Touch List is a directory containing a set of single pages to guide you to the administration pages for each underlying Pligg.

These ‘Touch List’ pages run from a local directory on your PC and cause the ‘Root Pligg’ to load in a new browser page or tab, then the 1st page reloads and launches Your WP Installation’s Network admin in a second page, then reloads again and continues until you’ve reached the last page and have launched that Pligg or any other Page you wish.

I also plan to add a hidden story option to hide stories from normal users. This would be great for seasonal posts that you’d like to keep til later but don’t want your users to see at the moment. This should also be good for those imported RSS stories that you don’t want shown and don’t want RSS to re-import. No promises for when but I’ll post something here when it’s done.


You’re Prayers, kind thoughts, and well wishes help immensely. If you’d like to help further, I’ll use your donated funds to purchase a domain, pay for hosting and, if I see enough monetary support,  I’ll hire a developer to assist with adding further enhancements and integration of other web APPs or commercially available programs. I have some great ideas.


A Great Offer:

I’ll make one further offer here. If you’ll purchase a Domain Name (or a transfer of one) and WordPress Hosting from my Paradigm Domains operation and will provide me with the login credentials to that site/account, your akismet key and your login account credentials at I will be glad to fully install what I’ve done here at that time for $75.00 on your Paradigm Hosting.

That price may increase and requirements may change as we go along depending on if we add commercial apps and any future enhancements we might make. You can do all this yourself but the work may be out of your comfort zone so I offer this as a further incentive to purchase my hosting and domain registration services and to compensate my helpers/developers/programmers and I for our time.