Multi-Pligg 1.2.2 Enhanced with WP

From an idea I had to make Pligg and Multisite WP work together as several websites under one (or more) domain(s).

First off this isn’t a total bridge of WordPress and Pligg. Not yet anyway! I wanted to divide an existing Pligg site that used WordPress as a Blog. The site I wanted this for seemed like it would benefit from dividing into two or three separate sections. This project grew out of that system and need. Someone recommended I document this in case others might want this info or possibly benefit from this in some way….. or maybe I just like to write!

Demo Link article with some additional Information:

Multi-Pligg 1.2.2 Enhanced with WP – Link to Working Demo

Further Plans:

WordPress has an add on  Forum Plugin/APP called BBPress. I hope to fully integrate that app into the project sometime soon and there are several commercial APPs I might add at a later date once the core APPs are proven and known stable.

If I receive enough donations I’ll probably hire a developer who knows phpLD (php link Directory) to incorporate that into the WordPress hanging off this project and possibly use the facilities of WordPress to further bridge other webAPPs into this system.


don’t let any of this scare you………..


I’m still developing this as I go, this is very early alpha stage. What I recommend works for me but may not work for you. I’ll do my best to support your efforts to duplicate my system but make no guarantees this will work, I offer….. no warranty, no promise of suitability, no future revisions and no support outside of this(these) Blog post(s).

You’re mileage may vary and objects in your mirror may be bigger or more ridiculous that they appear. Do not eat this product or heat in microwave oven prior to consumption. If I left anything out I hope you’ll still get the picture here. No Crying!!!!


You’ll need a copy of Pligg 1.2.2. You’re welcome to  use any version you wish but at this time I’ve settled on 1.2.2 and to keep distractions to a minimum this is what I plan to use.

You’ll need a good website host. I used my own service, Paradigm Domains, and ask that you use the same. The added business will support me and my company and my familiarity with the service will help me support the users there. Irregardless you’re welcome to chose any host you want. I’ll support you as I can.

WordPress…. You’ll need WordPress installed in the root directory. I won’t go into why but…. This is the first Web APP you’ll install if you want to duplicate what I’ve done here. You’re welcome to leave out WordPress but I think this project may lean heavily upon WordPress as it goes along from this Alpha stage into Beta and I think you might want to install it for now to be ready for where I’m heading.

“WordPress must be installed in the root directory due to the requirements of the multisite domain mapping plugin I will use here.”


Besides the usual assortment of common hand tools and a good source of fresh brewed coffee you’ll probably want the following.

A Pad of paper


A good FTP program

Maybe a WYSIWYG HTML Editor

I’m sure there will be more as we go

Now the Nitty Gritty Begins:

At this time the WordPress hosting I provide at Paradigm Domains  includes a one-touch install of WordPress. I’ll guide you through Installing WordPress to Multisite in the next post. I’ll most likely point you to further reading then and may even get you started toward tweaking the WordPress Multisite and adding what I believe is the essential Plugins and WordPress setup.

You can get ahead slightly by creating a WordPress Blog over on Do write down your link, username and password there as you’ll need it for JetPack, a part of my recommended WordPress package.


You’re Prayers, kind thoughts, and well wishes help immensely. If you’d like to help further, I’ll use your donated funds to purchase a domain, pay for hosting and if I see enough monetary support  I’ll hire a developer to assist with adding further enhancements and integration of other web APPs or commercially available programs. I have some great ideas.


A Great Offer:

I’ll make one further offer here. If you’ll purchase a Domain Name (or a transfer of one) and WordPress Hosting from my Paradigm Domains operation and will provide me with the login credentials to that site/account, your akismet key and your login account credentials at I will be glad to fully install what I’ve done here at that time for $75.00 on your Paradigm Hosting.

That price may increase and requirements may change as we go along depending on if we add commercial apps and any future enhancements we might make. You can do all this yourself but the work may be out of your comfort zone so I offer this as a further incentive to purchase my hosting and domain registration services and to compensate me or my helpers/developers/programmers for our time.

Get Started:

So go ahead….. get started…. Grab your free site. Purchase or transfer your domain and arrange your WordPress hosting. Install the WordPress. I’ll be back tomorrow with the second installment here and we’ll get your first Pligg Page working.

I may be ready to show you my actual running site by then (the site is running but I have a few items to fix there yet before the rest of it (the enhanced site) goes public. When I do I’ll show you around and you’ll see what works and how.

To  be continued……….. Here